Scuppernong Vase


Soulful and Singular.

Formed entirely in hand, Michelle Dziak’s ceramic forms possess a quality seemingly borne of both earth and air. The walls are delicately “pinched” into a beautiful organic shape only attained by the hand building method.

This Scuppernong Vase is finished in the fires of an Anagama kiln. In a span of over six days of active wood stoking, the confluence of elements brings forth a treasure unlike no other; a piece of both intense meticulous crafting and the whim of the flame. We are elated Michelle is able to bring her exquisite hand crafted art form to Donjenna.

Hand sculpted in Atlanta, Ga

16″H x 15″W x 15″L



complete the look
  • One of a kind, hand sculpted artwork
  • Vitrified, Ceramic Stoneware
  • Anagama Kiln wood firing
  • 16″H x 15″W

For more information on Anagama Kiln firing, please go to the Hambidge website:

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