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Introducing The ReCycler

Up-Cycled Occasional Lounge Chair

The Recycler is a handcrafted collection of furniture and novelty pieces. Fixtures are created and designed in Ontario, Canada by Gilbert Vanden. The ReCycler is one of our dearest collections because it adds exclusive character to any room. All items will surely be a conversation starter. Guests will question you about the unique designs and you’ll have free range to boast […]

The Upcycled Home

Up-Cycled Occasional Lounge Chair

The beauty of repurposed materials in home décor such as elegant benches and glass light pendants Upcycling is the process of repurposing existing materials, rather than manufacturing new ones, in order to create an entirely new product with added value. Like recycling, this process reduces waste by keeping sturdy materials like metal, glass, rubber, and […]

Why Handcrafted Art Decor Matters

Firefly Kiln Farm

At Donjenna, we cross the globe to create partnerships with previously undiscovered artisans. Our pride comes from offering exquisitely made home decor with uniquely modern and contemporary sensibilities. Perhaps you’re wondering why we take bespoke, hand crafted art decor so seriously. The reasons might surprise you. The Case Against Mass Production Furniture and other decor […]