B. Pila Design

B.Pila Design Team

  The B. Pila Design duo is about freedom. The brand encourages freedom to explore, to be yourself, to use spaces however the heart desires, and freedom from rigid movements and strict interpretations. From their beginnings as a design studio, Bea and Gabby Pila, mother and daughter, evolved B Pila into fabricating their singular designs […]

All About Hair on Hide

Tibetan Wool Ottoman

Furniture featuring Hair on Hide is unmistakable with its sumptuous texture and unique look, without a doubt the result of artisan craftsmanship. The techniques used to preserve an animal’s natural fur and skin for various uses have been developed and perfected since ancient times, with the earliest known piece of leather footwear dating back to […]

10 Pieces That Pop With Color


Looking for some ways to turn up the color in your space? Get bold and experiment! Below is just a sample of items at Donjenna that enliven any interior. 1. Antica Firenze Roberto Footed Bowl in Verde Fortunata Fine Italian Ceramics produces breathtaking designs that merge classical forms with rustic details, tied together in warm, […]