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10 Pieces That Pop With Color

Looking for some ways to turn up the color in your space? Get bold and experiment! Below is just a sample of items at Donjenna that enliven any interior. 1. Antica Firenze Roberto Footed Bowl in Verde Fortunata Fine Italian Ceramics produces breathtaking designs that merge classical forms with rustic details, tied together in warm, […]

Fortunata For The Holidays

Casa Mia Serving Bowl

The holidays are typically full of family gatherings, with kitchens and dining rooms packed with loved ones and plates piled high with food. Functional, sturdy dinnerware is a must, especially for the fall and winter ahead and for those hearty dishes essential to the season. Fortunata Fine Italian Ceramics makes an incredible line of dinnerware that’s nothing […]

Fortunata Fine Italian Ceramics

Casa Mia Salad Plate

Fortunata Fine Italian Ceramics is the brainchild of Margaret Frazer Proctor, a southern born tastemaker with a penchant for European flair informed by her love of international travel and classic decor. Her background in fashion and upscale merchandising gave her the expertise to turn Fortunata into the boutique brand it is today. Fortunata has a […]