Van Collier

Van Collier

Founded in 1995 by Beth van Dorp Collier and Chris Collier, vanCollier creates stunning designs with wide-ranging influences. Collections are rooted in a sense of place in their studied nods to the Far East, the American South, Art Nouveau, and beyond. The couple draws on a rich knowledge of art history and antiques while finding […]

Ottoman’s That Will Revitalize Your Home

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The ottoman is the expressive piece in many homes. Whether it’s stationed in the living area or in the bedroom, used for comfort or for storage, it uniquely stands out from all other furniture in its surroundings. Donjenna’s ottomans are luxurious, they are the center of attention, the conversation starter, and the comfort that your […]

All About Hair on Hide

Tibetan Wool Ottoman

Furniture featuring Hair on Hide is unmistakable with its sumptuous texture and unique look, without a doubt the result of artisan craftsmanship. The techniques used to preserve an animal’s natural fur and skin for various uses have been developed and perfected since ancient times, with the earliest known piece of leather footwear dating back to […]